Reviews & Testimonials

"A massage unlike any other I have experienced -
Practiced yet intuitive, compassionate, therapeutic,
with human touch felt to the core.  Thank you."

Rodney  ∞  November 24, 2012 Austin, TX



"I am still mesmerized by last night's session with you.  
You are gifted at what you do.  I put out 50 bags of mulch again today, 
so I can hardly wait to be back your table.  
Best massage I have had in a very long time, if not ever.  
You have an ease about you that made me feel very comfortable.
Thank you for that...hope you have had a great day, 
and I look forward to seeing you again very soon."

Joel  ∞  March 22, 2011 Austin, TX


Dear Truitt:
Thank you for an incredible massage.
Not only are you giving me a good hourly rate
but I feel like you give it your all and I really do appreciate that!!
I would pay you double if I could as your more than worth it.
Have a really great weekend!!
Thank you.

CJ  ∞  February 11, 2011 Austin, TX


"Truitt was referred to me by a friend of mine in 2004. 
I have had the pleasure to work with him in a great capacity.
Not only are his hands massaging my body, 
but his spirit fills the room with compassion 
providing me a safe zone to journey deeper into my spirit.
I have had some great meditations while in Truitt's hands. 
When I am on his table I am able to completely relax and let go of the worries of the world.
His massages are long lasting, providing relaxation for hours 
and some times days after the physical part of the massage.
I recommend him highly!!"
Brian  ∞  Dec 13, 2010    Austin, TX

"Truitt is a warm, welcoming, masculine man!
In addition to outstanding massage techniques, 
he tailors his work to your body's needs.
As friendly as he can be, 
Truitt does better work than any massage I've had at Ten Thousand Waves."
L.E. ∞  June 15, 2010   Dallas, TX



"I've been going to Truitt for a a couple of years. 
Hands down, he is the best masseur in Dallas.
He is friendly and makes you feel comfortable immediately upon meeting him.
Before the massage he always asks about what areas need work
and throughout the massage he will inquire as to whether the pressure he is using is correct.
Truitt is also very spiritual and this comes through during his massage.
I always feel completely refreshed and relaxed after Truitt has worked on my muscles.
I would recommend Truitt to anyone seeking a real massage."
Kevin  ∞  June 11, 2010     Dallas, TX


"TRay not only has great hands and great technique
but he has a great personality that puts me at ease instantly.
He's not all chatty or just going through the motions.
You can't train that. It's just who he is.
I'll definitely be back."
Brad  ∞  Oct 10, 2009     Dallas, TX



"This is the first time I have written a review about a therapist 
but I feel TRay is worth it.  From the time TRay first put his hands on me 
until the massage was over, the experience was excellent.
I highly suggest what intimate but non-sexual is all about.
TRay has a warmth about him I have never felt in any therapist I have ever used,
and I have used several over the last 5 years since I started getting massages.
I have never hugged a therapist, but TRay is very huggable.
I felt so good I didn't know how to feel. I'll be using TRay in the future."
Marvin  ∞  Oct 08, 2008     Dallas, TX


"Just another TRay groupie here....
aside from being an exceptionally talented masseur, he's a wonderful guy.
I had a lot of shoulder and neck issues from my work -
he diligently got the knots out. He has a healing touch.
I'll be back for more."
Richard  ∞  Aug 04, 2008    Dallas, TX


"I have had massages from several masseurs in Dallas. TRay was incredible.
The words that came to mind during the massage were strong, comfortable, and safe.
TRay is genuinely interested in the person he massages,
and connected on a spiritual level in addition to a physical one.
I definitely will be back."

Bob  ∞  June 12, 2008    Dallas, TX


"TRay is patient and generous with his time.
He is truly interested in spirituality of the massage
and in making a true connection with the person he works on.
He is worth more than he charges."
Eric  ∞  July 11, 2006    Dallas, TX


"TRay was an accessible and generous spirt from our meeting at the door.  
His sensitivity, interest in my well being 
and ability to tap sensitive but important trigger points was exceptional. 
I look forward to scheduling a again.  
He is a striking, generous, and gifted professional."
Dale  ∞  April 26, 2006    New York, NY