Reviews & Testimonials

"A massage unlike any other I have experienced - 

Practiced yet intuitive, compassionate, therapeutic, 

with human touch felt to the core.  Thank you." 

- Rodney  


"I am still mesmerized by last night's session with you.  

You are gifted at what you do.... 

You have an ease about you that made me feel very comfortable.  

Thank you for that. " 

- Joel 


"TRay has a warmth about him that I have never felt 

in any therapist I have used.  

I have never hugged a therapist, 

but TRay is very huggable."  

- Marvin  


"Not only are his hands massaging my body, 

but his spirit fills the room with compassion 

providing me a safe zone to journey deeper into my spirit.  

When I am on his table I am able to completely relax 

and let go of the worries of the world."   

- Brian 


"Truitt is a warm, welcoming, masculine man!  

In addition to outstanding massage techniques, 

he tailors his work to your body's needs.  

As friendly as he can be, Truitt does better work 

than any massage I've had at Ten Thousand Waves."

- L.E. 



"He is friendly and makes you feel comfortable immediately 

upon meeting him.  Truitt is also very spiritual 

and this comes through during his massage.

I always feel completely refreshed and relaxed 

after Truitt has worked on my muscles.

I would recommend Truitt to anyone seeking a real massage." 

- Kevin


"TRay not only has great hands and great technique 

but he has a great personality that puts me at ease instantly.  

He's not all chatty or just going through the motions.  

You can't train that.  It's just who he is.     

- Brad 


"TRay is genuinely interested in the person he massages, 

and he connects on a spiritual level in addition to the physical one." 

- Bob